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suraj kumar

yash nish

“I had an interview yesterday. It was the third in-person with 5 senior leaders. The very first conversation I had with the first VP was kudos on the overall format of my resume! He told me to make sure I shared his compliments! Bravo! PS I got a call from HR today saying the offer is on its way!!!!!! A++++++++”

Arjun sukla

“Just a quick note to say THANK YOU!!!! I applied to 8 positions and got interviews at every one of them. I was offered jobs at 4. I accepted my dream job with a pay increase over my previous job. Everyone loved my resume and cover letter. You ROCK.”

Taylor Trelawney

“I really cant tell you how happy I am with the way the resume turned out. I used to look at my resume and think ‘nobody would hire me’ and now I’m super confident applying to jobs with this updated version!”


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“I wanted to pass along some great news. Today I accepted a job offer and I’m beyond excited about this opportunity. I wanted to let you know the hiring manager specifically mentioned my resume and its great layout in the interview process, so there is no doubt that your great work on my resume put me ahead of others who interviewed for the position. Thank you so much for everything!”

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Kumar Suraj

Web & App Developer
Kumar Suraj here, i am purusing My bachlor's at chandigarh university in computer science and engineering and 2 years of experience programming with several successful projects under my team . I’d say my portfolio introduces me better than my words do, i have 2 years of experience of startup management.
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Mohan Jha

Graphic designer
Aspiring Computer Science Engineer from Chandigarh University with a passion for coding, seeking opportunities to grow and innovate in the tech industry.